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Now that you’ve been using the FanDuel Sports Book app for a while now, I’m sure you have explored all of the options that you have for every game you want to bet on, especially NBA games. There are so many options that it may be overwhelming at first. I am going to walk you through the options that you have for tonight’s Pacers game against the San Antonio Spurs. The first tab you will look at is simply called “Popular” and it is jammed pack with betting options.

First Basket

“The winner is deemed to be the player who scores the first point.”

There will be ten players available for this bet, the starting five for each team. First Basket is obviously a very tough bet to hit, which is why the odds are so juicy. In tonight’s matchup, Damontas Sabonis, who is the Pacers most consistent scorer, is at +470. The Spurs top scorer, DeMar DeRozan is the game favorite at +450. The team’s players that the odds makers deem least likely to score, in this case Aaron Holiday and Myles Turner, come in at +1000.

If you bet $10 on Sabonis to score the First Basket, you would win $47 if he hits it. If you bet $10 on Myles Turner to hit the first basket, you would win $100 if he hits.

First Basket is not in my regular bet rotation, but I do place one occasionally. I like to take the long shots, and I do not bet much at all. It really is such a crap shoot when it comes to First Basket, so you may as well get the bigger payout if you get lucky enough to hit the one scorer of the ten starters. I’d rather bet $3 on Myles Turner to score the First Basket to win $30 than $3 on Sabonis to win $14.

Line/Total Double

This is basically a two bet parlay on the same game. You are betting on which team will cover the spread AND the total points scored for both teams. This is another difficult bet to hit, but a little less difficult than First Basket. There are four options here, each team covering combined with both the over and the under. Each option tonight ranges from +230 to +300. If you bet $10 on the Pacers tonight to cover the -1.5 spread and the game total to be Over 220.5, you would win $24 if they both hit, and lose it all if one of those legs misses.

Match/Total Double

Same bet as above, but this time you are betting on the game outcome instead of covering the points spread. Your payout will be slightly less for this bet if you bet on the favorite, the Pacers in tonight’s case. Your payout will be a little more, though, if you took the underdog Spurs instead. The same $10 bet as above on the match/total instead of the line/total you would win $21 instead of $24. Not a bad option. We all know how much of a nuisance that point spread can be, even the small ones.

Win Margin

For this wager, you are betting on the exact win differential in the final score. Let’s say you felt really strongly that the Pacers were going to really bring it tonight and beat down on the Spurs, why only lay a point and a half for -110 when you could bet that the Pacers win by between 1 and 10 points for +170. Of course, then, if the Pacers win by 11 or more, you would lose. $10 at +170 is a $17 win, instead only 9 and change with the normal spread. Or if you felt really strongly you could bet on the 11+ win margin, which would get you +310 odds. A $10 winning bet would get back $31.

Away/Home Team Total Points

You ever miss an over/under bet because one of the two teams just is not performing quite like you had expected? This is a cool option because you can take the total points of just one of the teams instead of both. You might feel great that the Pacers will score over 111.5 tonight, but not really have any idea where the Spurs will land. Right now, Pacers over 111.5 is at -106, which is $10 to win $9.43.

Alternate Spread

This bet is a cool one to increase your odds and payouts if you are feeling confident. There are a ton of options here, ranging from Pacers +20.5 to Spurs +23.5 both at -6000 ($10 to win 17 cents). I would not really recommend those options. They probably won’t miss since this will likely be a game that is decided by less than 23 points, but what’s really the point to win 17 cents on a $10 bet? But, if you liked the Pacers a lot tonight you could take them here at -5.5 for +152. That would be $10 to win $15.20.

Win Margin (Bands)

This is the same as the win margin bet above, but with even more options. You can bet on the pacers to win by exactly 1-5 (+410) 6-10 (+450) or even 11-15 (+750). These are tough bets to hit, which is why the odds are so high. I prefer the Alternate Spreads, but this is a cool option if you really feel like gambling.

First Basket/Winner Double

As if hitting the First Basket bet wasn’t tough enough, you can also double that bet with also choosing the winner of the game. This effectively doubles the payout. Sabonis for this bet is at +900, which is $10 to win $90. But how devastating would it be to hit the first basket winner but lose the game? My recommendation if you want to do this bet: place a small amount on the normal First Basket bet also. I would hate you see you hit an elusive First Basket on Sabonis but lose the bet because the Spurs ended up beating the Spurs on a last second, miracle shot.

To Record a Triple Double

A Triple Double is one of the best feats that a basketball player can accomplish in a single game. It means that they player has at least 10 in three different stat categories, almost always points, rebounds, and assists. It is very uncommon for a player to get 10 blocks or steals in a game, but these stats would count as well towards a Triple Double.

I actually love the Triple Double bet for a few guys in the league, and Damontas Sabonis is one of them. He is almost always a lock for a Double Double in points and rebounds, and he is also above average in assists. All he really needs is a lucky assist game, and it is very possible. Other guys in the league I always beck for this bet is LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul. The odds on these guys is usually somewhere between +300 and +1000. I don’t think it’s worth it to go for the long shots here. Some guys just don’t do enough of one thing to ever get a Triple Double.

Today, Sabonis is a little inflated at +1200. A $10 bet would in $120. Or, you could do what I do, and toss a $2 spot on it to win a possible $24. With Oladipo confirmed out, this may be a sneaky little bet tonight.

FanDuel Indiana Online Sportsbook Bonus