Heat Dominate Pacers – Fanduel Special Per Point Bonus Promotion

How’s the balance doing on your Fanduel sportsbook app? Whether you have been cleaning up or striking out lately, you absolutely need to check out this week’s per point bonus promotions offered by Fanduel this week. These are offers too good to pass up on.

The Pacers game did not go so well for Indiana fans last night as they were outplayed and outclassed by a scorching hot Miami squad. One good aspect of this promotion is that you don’t have to bet on your favorite team. If you had the foresight to place this special bonus bet on Miami last night, your balance jumped up nicely.


NBA Win Bonus

From Fanduel: Place a $25 pre-live moneyline bet on either team in our featured game, and you’ll get $3 in site credit for every point that team wins by. 

How The Promotion Works

Get the bet in before the game starts. Live betting is a great feature on Fanduel, but this promotion only works if the bet is placed “pre-live.”

You also need to make sure it’s a moneyline bet worth at least $25. A moneyline bet is the one where the team simply has to win the game for you to win. The point spread does not matter for the moneyline. When you are looking at the Fanduel betting page, you will see the moneyline odds in the center box, in between the point spread and the over/under.

How It Played Out Last Night

The Pacers entered play in this game as a slight favorite over Miami. The home team always gets a boost in the moneyline odds. Due to home field advantage, the Pacers entered the game at -116 moneyline odds.

If you placed a $25 moneyline bet on the Pacers tonight and they won the game, you would win $21.55. In the Pacers last home win over the 76ers, they won the game by 18 points. Let’s say now, for argument’s sake, that the Pacers come out on fire tonight and beat the Hear by 15. That would mean you get an additional $3 for every one of those 15 points that they clear the Heat by.

Your Winnings

So, all in all, for your $25 wager, you would be getting a return of $21.55, plus an additional $45 bonus prize. The best part about this bonus is that there is no additional risk. If the Pacers end up losing, you will still lose that same $25 you would have lost anyway.

So, in sum, if you are planning on throwing some money down on the Pacers tonight in their home matchup with Miami, you have absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this promotion. Go win some cash with each basket.

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