Hoosier Betters Break FanDuel’s Spread The Love Promotion

Did you catch the insane FanDuel promotion this week? Seriously, if you bet on sports and you don’t use FanDuel Sports Book yet, what exactly are you waiting for? Those of us who have our FanDuel notifications on were ready to take advantage of this week’s “Spread The Love” promotion. The Indiana Hoosiers were getting ready for a crucial home game against the perennial powerhouse Michigan State Spartans, and FanDuel decided to make free money rain from the sky and straight into our account balances.

Indiana FanDuel Community Spreads It Wide Open

Indiana opened up as a +2.5 point underdog on their home floor. In the terms of the “Spread the Love” promotion, FanDuel promised that every 250 people who place a wager on the Hoosiers to cover the spread, they would move the line one point in Indiana’s direction. They made it clear in the rules that any person who placed this wager at any time would get the final line, wherever it ends up before tipoff.

So, you may be thinking, what’s the catch? Well they did place a $50 wager limit on this promotion. That is $50 total. They wouldn’t accept any bets after you hit the $50 threshold. When I first got the notification, I saw that the line had already moved a point. Cool, I thought. I wondered how big this could get. I immediately placed a $5 on Indiana to cover.

When I checked back about an hour later, the line was at +6.5. Wow, I thought. That meant over 1000 people had placed on Indiana on FanDuel in that hour. I logged back in and bet another $10.┬áThe next afternoon when work was done, I checked the app and I gasped. I sent screen shots to all of my friends. The line had moved to +61.5. That’s at least 3481 people who jumped in on the action. I had $34.80 left in my sports book account balance, so naturally I cleared the rest of it on the Hoosiers.

That added up to a total wager of $49.80 on Indiana to cover, which brought me 20 cents short of the wager limit. I left it at that, even though looking back I guess there is no reason why I shouldn’t have placed one more bet for that 20 cents.

How It Turned Out

There are few sure things when it comes to sports betting, but FanDuel gave us one this week. The wager madness on this promotion did not in the 60’s. The final spread right before kickoff was +118.5. FanDuel even started paying out these bets during the first half of the game. I ended up having a great evening and came only about 17 cents short of the maximum amount I could have won, which was about $48. That’s $48 in cold card cash, not site credit or bonuses.

If the over 29,000 people who placed a FanDuel wager on Indiana to cover the spread all won the full $48 they could have won, or should have won, that would mean FanDuel would have paid out over 1.3 Million dollars on that game to Indiana betters. I got my piece. Did you get yours. Don’t miss the next one.