Oscars Best Picture Betting Promotion on DraftKings



Do you hate when your wife or girlfriend makes you watch the Oscars? Well, maybe you won’t hate it as much this year thanks to the new promotion from DraftKings. You may have seem on your sports book app that you can place wagers on several Oscar categories this year. What you may not have heard yet is this crazy promotion that they just announced that will make your Oscar viewing worthwhile.

The big promotion is only for new sign-ups. So, here’s what you do: While your girl is watching the red carpet, you grab her phone and download DraftKings and sign up. You pick the correct best film and you win big, getting 10/1 odds, no matter the film’s Vegas odds going in. Here’s how it works:

DraftKings Oscars Best Picture Promotion

Promotion Description (From DraftKings):

Bet $10, Win $100 by correctly picking the Oscars Best Picture Winner with your first bet!


– Must be physically located in New Jersey or Indiana

– You must sign up and create your account with an eligible link to apply the offer

– Eligible users will be pulled and credited within 24-48 hours

– $10 wager only.

– Excludes live bets, parlays, cash out bets, free bets, voided bets and odds boosts

– Bet must be placed before 7:59pm ET on 02/09/2020.

This is only valid for a user’s first, bet but it is in addition to the usual DraftKings opening match bet offer. So, if she doesn’t mind you downloading DraftKings on her phone, you can make a lot of bonus money and risk free bets.

Enjoy the Oscars for the first time this year, and make some money doing it.